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Site Relationship Team

All our clients are catered for day to day by our Site Relationship Team who are fully trained and hold the appropriate certification. We provide full access to the site team who will provide a range of support services, ensuring quality and timely service delivery.

Risk Assessment and Management

The Site Relationship team will:
  • Manage the Risk Register on a project by project basis
  • Assist clients with the management of retention
  • Implement a robust defect policy

The team work with IN-SYNC’s clients to ensure a smooth transition with any new relationship including:

  • A review of current processes to streamline back office administration
  • The provision of training where relevant
  • Efficiency improvements where possible
  • Review of existing business processes
Dedicated Point of Contact

Your Site Relationship Team Account Manager will be able to assist you with:

  • IN-SYNC Outsourcing administration queries
  • All year round Tax advice
  • VAT guidance

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