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Risk Management

Analyse the Risk

Once risks are identified our specialist team determines the likelihood and consequence of each risk. IN-SYNC Outsourcing develops an understanding of the nature of the risk and its potential to affect project goals and objectives. This information is also input on to the Project Risk Register. 

Evaluate and Rank the Risk and cost

We evaluate and rank the risk by determining the risk magnitude, which is the combination of likelihood, and consequence and cost. You make decisions about whether the risk is acceptable or whether it is serious enough to warrant treatment. These risk rankings are also added to our Project Risk Register. 

IN-SYNC Treat the Risk

This is referred to as Risk Response Planning. During this step we assess your ranked risks and set out a plan to treat, or modify these to acceptable levels minimizing the probability. In this step we create our risk mitigation strategy, preventive and contingency plans. 

Monitor and Review the Risk

This is the step where we take the Project Risk Register and use it to monitor, track and review project risks with our Specialist Site Relationship Team. 

Risk is about uncertainty. If IN-SYNC are able to build a contractual framework around that uncertainty, then we effectively de-risk the client’s project, allowing our client to achieve their project goals with more confidence. 

By identifying and managing a comprehensive list of project risks, IN-SYNC Group provides clients with a risk free Project Underwriting Proposal. 

Risk and Underwriting

Our IN-SYNC underwriting guarantee, backed by an insurance policy can be provided to the client to mitigate the risk in accordance to IN-SYNC’s strict underwriting policy. 

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